Classroom Upgrades
Classroom Upgrades

Provide concrete floors and install sliding windows to the classrooms.

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Water well project
Water Well

Provide a Water well to supply the school with access to clean water.

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AKOS Computers
Computer Equipment

Supply a few computers to the school to begin teaching Form 4 computer basics.

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AKOS Lavatory project
Lavatory Roof and Doors

Place a roof on the Lavatory to keep out the rain and install doors for privacy.

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AKOS Chicken coop
Chicken Coop

Build a chicken coop so the girls can raise chickens for a supply of eggs.

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AKOS School bus
School Bus

Purchase a small Van to transport the girls or teachers to and from the school.

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AKOS Kitchen project
Kitchen and Prep Area

Construct a proper area where tthe girls can prepare and cook their meals.

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AKOS Irrigation project

Part Two of the Water well project is to install some irrigation for agriculture to feed the girls.

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AKOS Locker project
Lockers and Shelving

Provide a form of lockers or shelving to help the girls get their belongings off the floor.

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AKOS Dorm Flooring
Old Dorm Floor and Windows

Install a concrete floor and sliding windows in the a classroom section used as a Dormitory.

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AKOS Fencing project
Property Fencing and Gates

Secure the property for the girls with building a fence around the perimeter with gates.

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AKOS Dormatory
Dormatory Foundation

Continue the Dorm foundation project with construction of the Dormitory.

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AKOS Livestock project
Livestock Shed

Build a small shelter and corral to allow for raising cows to provide milk for the girls.

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AKOS Dining Hall project
Dining Hall

Construct a Dining Hall with a small kitchen so the girls can eat together inside.

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AKOS Laundry area
Laundry Area

A small project to provide a clean space to wash and dry their belongings safely.

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Operational Expenses

Help us Maintain

Looking after and supporting these girls everyday takes a lot of effort ensuring they have sufficent food and water, health care and school supplies. The community helps with as much as they can but we could use your help, a small monthly donation can go a very long way and help many girls.

Our Operational Funding Requests

Operating AKOS everyday takes a lot of effort and funds, every year we are turning away girls as we do not have the facilities and funding and there are many girls in trouble and in need here in Tanzania. More needs to be done to improve the girls living conditions. Often about 50 girls, ages 11 to 18 currently sleep in one part of the classrooms and attend school in the other half. Without current help from CUSO International due to the pandemic, it is a struggle to maintain the school with teachers, food and water, and health issues. Help is needed to continue our programs and help these girls in need as they struggle with Forced marriage, early pregnacy and GBV.


Feeding 50 girls everyday can be a challenging task at times.


Sponsor one girl or sponsor 10 girls and give the gift of cleanliness.

Health Care

As growing young women, they face several health issues from malaria, UTI’s and now Covid-19.

School Supplies

An ongoing expense is the stock of chalk, paper, and pencils for the school.


The need for transport is important for getting the teachers to school everyday.

Staff Salaries

We depend on volunteer teachers but we need to provide salaries to keep them going.

Propane Stove

Help eliminate the need for firewood everyday and provide a propane stove.

Government Exams

Every year we need to pay for government exams which the girls have to write.

General Support

Provide a general monthly donation and we will ensure it goes directly to supporting the girls.

Bedding and Nets

Help provide the girls with proper sleeping arrangements and safe netting to keep out mosquitos.


Provide the girls with new, clean uniforms to give the feeling of belonging.

Cooking Pots

Donate to supply the girls with cooking pots, plates and drinking cups they need.


There are so many ways to help AKOS through donations, volunteering and partnering with us.

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