AKOS Operational Funding Requests


Each day we take for granite the ability to bath, wash our hair and brush our teeth but for these girls they do not get the opportunity every day and they try to stretch their soap out as far as they can because they do not know when they will get more. A monthly donation of $5 would provide toothpaste, soap, feminine products, and hair care for a girl for the whole month. Sponsor one or sponsor 10 girls and give the gift of cleanliness.

Chibe Girls in a circle

School Supplies

An ongoing expense is the stock of chalk, paper, and pencils for the school. Many other items are in short supply including textbooks and exercise books. A small monthly gift could allow the girls to focus on their education, take notes for studying, and read more.

School supplies

Staff Salaries

We depend on volunteer teachers to teach the girls. Some days we have 6-7 teachers but other days we have none, the girls are very good at self-teaching each other and they will continue to go to class and work even if they are teacherless. But they need instruction, and they need experience to show them how to solve and how to understand and this requires teachers. Providing the staff with a small salary will help ensure the girls have the instruction and direction they need to pass their exams. Making a monthly donation of a $100 for one teacher’s salary will go a long way in helping the girls learn and grow.

Johnson teaching at chibe


We encourage uniforms at AKOS, but we do not stress the need for uniforms as money needs to be spent in more important areas. Most girls at AKOS have some sort of uniform that they brought with them or had donated from others but the are differences between them. The girls would shine if they could all dress with a proper AKOS uniform or have proper sportswear when doing exercises. $58 would buy a girl a complete uniform, socks, underwear, shoes, and gym shorts, running shoes, and a shirt. All that for the price of one dinner out?

Girls at Chibe

Propane Stove

When cooking for 50 girls, it takes several large [very large] pots and two fires per meal, when doing this twice a day it goes through a lot of firewood. And even though we built them a rocket stove to reduce firewood they still use a lot, and it takes a while for the fires to cook the food. A propane stove would speed up cooking time and eliminate the need of firewood completely. $135 would provide a propane stove and a 50lb propane tank which should last a month, $35 a month following would continue the propane each month. This donation not only helps the girls but also the environment! Awesome.

propane stove

General Support

Signing up to make a general monthly donation is a wonderful way to show the girls you care and want to help. Every dollar counts and goes toward supporting the girls in their day to day lives. Ten dollars a month can get them more vegetables or laundry soap and twenty-five dollars a month can be placed in a program of your choice

General donations