AKOS Capital Funding Requests

Lavatory Roof and Doors

The Lavatories at AKOS are important to the girl’s health and hygiene but it has no roof or doors which make it a little uncomfortable for the girls especially when they have visitors. Help secure the safety of the girl’s Lavatory and donate $225 to finish the building.

$225.00 CAD

Girls at Chibe

Dorm Flooring and Windows

The current Dormitory is situated in one of the classroom areas while we wait for a new Dormitory. During the Christmas break in 2019, and the help of a few generous donors from Canada, we were able to install a new concrete floor and sliding windows. This provided the girls with added warmth during the night and protection from insects and snakes. It also provided a cleaner environment for sleeping, changing, and living. Thank you, Canadian donors, your gift was received with screams, laughter, and a few tears.

$800.00 CAD

Girls at Chibe

Dining Hall

It is AKOS’s dream to provide the girls with a proper kitchen and Dining Hall to have their meals rather than sitting outside on the ground, gather as a whole group for assemblies or when the weather turns bad, store their food safely and protect it from the critters, and mostly, make it feel like a real school. This building has blueprints but has not been started and would need to begin with a foundation, it will cost a little bit more than the Dormitory. Sitting roughly at $42,000 [perhaps less if we can source lower cost materials] but it would still have the security of a Canadian volunteer with construction experience onsite and managing the whole project.

$42,000.00 CAD

Girls at Chibe

Chicken Coop

Living on a diet of Ugali and beans with vegetables 3 times a week will sustain the girls but have below standard nutrition. With the creation of a chicken coop properly constructed for laying hens, the girls could obtain a steady supply of eggs to provide the proper amount of protein into their diet. And on occasion, they could use some for meat for a meal once or twice a month by allowing some of the eggs to be fertilized and hatched.

$650.00 CAD

Girls at Chibe


Agape Knowledge Open School sits on 3 acres of land in rural Shinyanga. With one acre assigned to buildings, livestock, and the school, it requires proper fencing to assist with security of the girls form the outside and safety for the animals on the inside. Our ambition is to place a brick wall around the school and living area to ensure safekeeping of the girls and keep stray animals from entering the property. An area designated for the livestock will require some wire or wood fencing to assist in keeping the animals secured on the property and possible predators away.

$1800.00 CAD

Girls at Chibe

Laundry Area

This small project would provide the girls a clean concrete pad offset from the cloth lines to provide the girls an area where clothing or bedding can be washed free from dirt and can easily be hung out to dry.

$226.00 CAD

Girls at Chibe

School Bus

Agape Knowledge Open School is in rural Shinyanga and though the girls live onsite, they are sometimes needed in other locations or to be brought to town for medical reasons. It is also required daily to transport the teachers from Shinyanga to the school and return them at the end of day. This has presented challenges in the past and will continue to do so in the future requiring a reliable transport assigned directly to the school.

$14,000.00 CAD

Girls at Chibe