Admissions to AKOS

Our Admissions Policy

The Governing body, at the outset, would like to remind parents and Guardians that AKOS is a comprehensive school, welcoming girls regardless of their ability or aptitude in Secondary Form 1 through to Form 4. AKOS only accepts girls in dire need and unable to attend public school.

AKOS is a private all-girls school designed to support girls at risk and girls that have been expelled due to pregnancy and forced marriage. Though we pride ourselves on helping as many girls as we can, limits must be put in place due to budgetary restrictions and health restraints.

AKOS accepts girls of all talents and abilities and pride ourselves on being culturally diverse, welcoming students of all faiths and backgrounds. Our students are taught to be independent, curious, and resourceful in their learning, to seek knowledge and opportunities and to achieve more than they ever thought possible. They are supported in their learning through the very best personalized teaching while mutual respect and responsibility lie at the heart of the school.

How to apply for AKOS Secondary School Placement.

For a girl to be enrolled to study at AKOS, a meeting is held with a committee that sit with a girl and her parent, guardian or representative who brought her to our attention (Social worker, representative from organization, individuals) to determine the needs of a child. The girl will be assessed and classified based on the AKOS current standing criteria requirements and when agreed, a contract/agreement is signed between Agape ACP and parents/guardians that give Agape permission to watch over a child at AKOS. Parents/guardians are then given a list on things that a child needs to join the school, including personal needs.

Please note that applications and admissions are processed and accepted up to December 12 for the upcoming year; special circumstances can negate the admissions date and will be determined case by case.

Once accepted, girls are oriented on school rules and regulations that they are to always uphold when they are in or out of school premises. They are taught on how the QT system works and academic standards they are to uphold.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding AKOS admissions please send an email to or contact our office

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